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       While many attorneys are unfamiliar with the rules regarding qualified retirement plans, Mr. Harrington has advised plan sponsors throughout his career. Mr. Harrington has provided services related to initial plan designs, including IRS and DOL approved correction of compliance defects, negotiating closing agreements with the IRS and DOL for plans under examination, and services related to plan termination.



       Mr. Harrington has also advised individuals with respect to special IRA investments, such as real property, closely held businesses, deeds of trust, and partnerships. This is a specialized area of law and you need to engage counsel familiar with IRS and DOL rules to avoid putting your retirement assets in jeapordy. Many people are not aware that failure to follow the rules, or failure to quickly address any compliance defect, can cause the loss of the tax benefits associated with a qualified retirement plan or IRA account, with disastrous tax consequences for those involved. Fortunately, most common failures can be corrected if they are properly identified before an IRS or DOL examination.     

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