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       Silas Harrington has over a decade of experience providing services to dentists. Dentists face unique legal challenges as practice owners, and need legal advice tailored to address their specific legal needs. Dentists who fail to engage in competent legal counsel at key points during their practice careers will lose both time and money. Mr. Harrington has successfully represented a number of dentists providing a multitude of services, including the following:


              - Incorporations and Partnerships

              - Purchase or Sale of a Dental Practice 

              - Associate Relationships 

              - Office Leases 

              - Real Estate Acquisitions

              - Space Sharing or Solo-Group Relationships 

              - Continuity Planning 


    Dentists, as talented and busy professionals, tend to wait too long to engage an attorney. Just like good oral hygiene, the best approach to any legal matter is exceptional preventative treatment. To protect you and your practice, you should be proactive and engage legal counsel whenever you are considering entering an existing practice, purchasing a practice or building, or contemplating expanding your existing practice.  

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