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       Mr. Harrington is experienced in representing successor trustees and beneficiaries in the event that Court intervention is required (as a result of a disagreement related to a trust, to clear title to an asset not clearly titled in the trust).


       Most well-advised people in California use a living trust as  the cornerstone of their estate plan to avoid the costs and delays associated with probate. While most trust estates can be administered without any court filings, proper administration of an estate frequently includes the use of an attorney by the successor trustee, even if there is no conflict among the beneficiaries. Most successor trustees are not familiar with the legal requirements associated with their role, and result in significant delays in administration, personal liability for the successor trustee, and conflict between the successor trustee and the beneficiaries. 


       In addition to assisting with trust administration, Mr. Harrington can also assist in situations where the property is passing under a Will, or where a family member has passed without any planning documents in place. While these situations can take more time to conclude than an administration of trust, California has specific rules in place that will generally control who receives the decedent's assets. Mr. Harrington can assist in explaining these rules and help you complete the probate process quickly and efficiently. 

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