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       While many attorneys claim to provide Estate Planning services, some limit their service offering to simple form documents with limited client customization. Mr. Harrington understands that your Estate Plan is a reflection of the legacy you intend for your beneficiaries. Improper planning can result in unintended losses to creditors during your lifetime, detrimental probate fees and the IRS upon your passing, and a legacy of conflict.


       Whether you have a modest estate, or an accumulation of significant assets, Mr. Harrington will ensure that you receive the focused services essential to achieving your goals. A very common planning failure invloves failing to fund a living trust. Mr. Harrington's office works diligently with clients to assist in funding their trusts to ensure that the goals of the client are attained. Whether you need a simple plan with a Will, Durable Power of Attorney, and Health Care Directive, or a sophisticated plan with Irrevocable Trust and long-term Charitable Giving solutions, Mr. Harrington's office is well equipped to provide the necessary assistance.

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