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       Mr. Harrington has assisted a number of veterinarians with respect to the sale and/or purchase of their practices, and associated legal and compliance issues. Tax issues associated with practice transitions can make the difference between a deal that works to the benefit of both parties, and transaction that never proceeds from a letter of intent. By understanding the needs of veterinarians, Mr. Harrington is more than able to provide services in the following areas:


              - Incorporations and Partnerships

              - Purchase or Sale of a Veterinary Practice

              - Associate Relationships 

              - Office Leases 

              - Real Estate Acquisitions

              - Space Sharing or Solo-Group Relationships

              - Continuity Planning


      The office of Silas Harrington also works with veterinarians to ensure that their business planning is appropriately integrated with their Estate Planning. Proper integration ensures that the practice, and the veterinarian are properly prepared for the unexpected. 

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